Landing site and Facebook application & branding for CokeTag™, a Coca-Cola product allowing fans to create a branded profile widget. Skins were designed, ranging in theme from a heavily branded Coca-Cola theme, to an iPhone-like scheme.

Particular attention was given to the utility of interacting with the CokeTag™, allowing users to simply scroll up and down through a collapsible menu structure, promoting various products or profiles.

Most recently, skins promoting Star Trek (2009) and the Bond film, Quantum of Solace were produced.

Site no longer available

Bill has a great sense of design coupled with a firm grasp on related technical & engineering issues.

These skills enable him to approach design challenges with a clear appreciation for user experience requirements along with a realistic understanding of what it takes to actually build stuff that works.

He's able to effectively explain these issues to clients as well as internal business and technical stakeholders.
Scott Kolber,
SVP Business Development, Linkstorm (CokeTag)
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