This was a fun project for entrepreneur Winston Wu, who saw a need and went about trying to solve it. A website and mobile app for ride sharing to and from the Airport, years ahead of Uber and Lyft ever existed. Unfortunately the project never got funding and didn't take off.

I was tasked from an early stage to help develop Winston's vision into a workable Information Architecture, User Experience through Desktop Wireframes — to secure a ride to the airport from home — and Mobile App wires — to share rides from the airport — and mockups to both to pitch to investors and for programmers to develop a Minimum Viable Product from.

The mobile designs in particular come from the pre-flat design era but we were already eschewing skeumorphic designs with a flatter presentation where it most counted, years ahead of iOS 7 pioneering flat design.

High-fidelity wireframes were built using Balsamiq mockups and designs were done in Adobe Photoshop.

Desktop Wireframe - Splash Desktop Mockup - Splash Desktop Wireframe - View Rides Desktop Mockup - View Rides #1 Mobile Wireframes and Mockups Branding