Decode Your Desire

I came on to help aid in providing the Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) for the DecodeYourDesire website for Sprout Pharmaceuticals, and their upcoming product, a drug to combat Female Sexual Dysfunction. Here you will see the IA Sitemap of the site, which went through many revisions and back-and-forth with the client, and then both low-fidelity wireframes on whiteboard and high-fidelity whiteboards below, both for presentation to the client and to provide guidance to my client's creative team. These are just two pages of the wireframes of the entire site.

Not many consider wireframing to be important, which is a shame. There is much to be said about the logical presentation of information, and how the user interacts with a website that doesn't involve shiny buttons or color schemes. The User Experience (UX) is just as important if not more than the page's visual design as it provides the blueprint for how the page is presented to the user, in as digestible and easily navigable way as possible.

Sprout Wireframe Sprout Wireframes Sprout Wireframes Sprout Wireframes